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1.51.0 - July 15th, 2021


Quick Challenge Rushing for highest completed difficulties
Mines now have notifications if they have available points
New Plasma Tip
New ElectroniteTip
Electronite and Plasma Tip Settings
Limited Dice items added to Shop
Limited Upgrade Shard added to Shop
New mechanic developed for being able to reset things like Mining Upgrades


Cleaned up an issue that could cause challenge milestones beyond the cap to completely break challenges and rewards
Fixed obnoxious bug for new players where zone completion rewards resulted in desyncs and errors in the background
Resolved a level requirement offset in upgrade window affecting low level players
When new ascension popup occurs from levelup, closing no longer brings to world select
Lodes should drop gems instead of dust now


Lode Regen Times significantly reduced (mechanics subject to change)


Mining Energy for Stone Mine should update properly now
Plasma and Electronite supply now shown in the mining map
You can now see both Rifle and Drone base damage in the ore mine


1.51.1 - MINOR Update - July 16th, 2021


Electronite should no longer fake reset to 1 after it drops in the mine
Attempting to click rush in challenges with 0 vigor should no longer lock you out
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