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1.50.x - July 7th, 2021


New Challenge Statistics section on win or fail
New Survey System
New Ore Mine unlocked at depth 100+
New mining upgrades (many more to follow)
New individual lode upgrades
Challenges now have visual modifiers based on their type and difficulty
You can now invite multiple users at once in your guild using commas to split the names (Abuse of this is bannable)
New AbilityQueue setting to toggle its functionality
Max Lode Level is 5
Max Unlockable Lodes is 3


Abilities and Trophies can be leveled by more than 1 at a time along with visual improvements
Improved support window input layout issues caused by unity engine update bugs
Cleaned up the reward system where it was potentially generating errors on newer currency rewards


5th Challenge difficulty will have a fair bit less shield
Fixed an issue with Rednex challenges not including proper damage modifier
You can only send one invite request (up to 40 users at once) for guilds within 10 seconds
Receive Plasma regen (10 per day to start)
Electronite will now be included in daily claims to start (More methods on the way)


Cleaned up an invisible box blocking UI input interaction in the world select window
Challenger loot should now properly align to top
Entering series zone should no longer affect series tier text
Cleaned up some of the sizes of things within the event task window
Patch History
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v1.50.1 v1.51.0