v1.47.7 - May 13th, 2021
Notes combined with new changes.


A new tip customization settings to allow you to scale the tips on the right side to your personal liking


Resolved an issue for web users where the client would try to write a version file that was only intended on standalone version
Reward animations occasionally caused errors when switching windows, resulting in minor lag spikes
Stored message timestamps were previously showing difference in seconds instead of milliseconds from the server
Rollback on some resolution changes that affected standalone users. Sorry!
Fixed default setting for tip sizes


Fishing gear beyond cap will now show an appropriate MAX section instead of a broken and error-inducing template section
Activity tips cleaned up and optimized
Activity tips are now in scrollable content
Significant reworks of the main battle window to make room for upcoming updates
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v1.47.7 v1.48.0
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