V1.41.0 - February 11th, 2021


Match 3 Event Replaces New Years and Santa Event
New requirement mechanic on upgrades to allow for sequential upgrade progression
Max mining depth is now 1600
Max Pet Tier is now 35 (from 34)
Max Runecrafting tier is now 25 (from 20)
Reward combination system for Match 3 to prevent unnecessary reward popups
Additional playthroughs now possible in Match 3
Reach level 30 in a tile will now clear that tile entirely from the board for easier progression
Match 3 packs can be purchased twice instead of once
Each completion now yields a bonus 3 of 3 match 3 pack!


Resolved a bug that was not tracking Upgrade Shard accumulation statistic properly
Optimization leading to 98% processing cost reduction on pet attacks to alleviate server load
Server-side timer processing significantly optimized to reduce chain reaction issues after a lag spike
Party search issues should be fixed now
Optimized level requirement generation to speed up server processing
Significantly optimized the match 3 window update and load processing on the client
In Open Challenges window, challenges that player can actually join, should now be displayed
Upon finishing the last tile the match3 event should complete instead of requiring an additional match of broken tiles


Xp required per level after level 75000 increased
Stone removed from Match 3 and replaced with Upgrade Shards


Fixed some decor not showing properly within the mine (lit lights)
Added Plasma and Electronite to the Inventory Energy tables
In Matchmaking window, the base level range of automatic party search is increased from 400 to 1000
Resource icons in match 3 no longer stretch and preserve aspect
In Open Challenges window, challenge list should now not show duplicate challenges
In Open Challenges window, scroll bar should now be displayed correctly, also scroll speed is increased for convenience
In Zone Selector pop-up, player can now drag anywhere inside the pop-up to move zone list
In Top Ranks window, player can now drag anywhere inside rank category list to scroll it up and down
In Mining window, mining tile's info tip should not cover player's mouse cursor
During challenge, player should not be redirected to other windows by click zone and card button at bottom left side of Monster Battle window
In Top Ranks window, Orb Levels ranking should now be shown, if Orb Level category button is clicked
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