v1.35.0 - October 21st, 2020


New Claim All unlockable feature in the fishing taxidermist building
You can now feed an input amount of food to a specific pet
You can now feed all remaining food to your pet
You can now split your remaining food between both pets


Performance of Pets Arena window is improved
Performance of Monster Battle window is further improved
In Artifacts window, if Reset button is clicked then legendary upgrade reset is requested, the artifact will still be reset even though the legendary upgrade reset request is declined
Party list is now only requested from server, after Matchmaking window is opened
In Matchmaking window, player levels should be sorted in ascending order by default


Party list should be displayed right after Matchmaking window is opened
In Decision and Zone Selector pop-up, background can now be clicked to close the pop-up
In Soul Orbs window, if the mouse scrolls over the values in input fields, the values should not be moved out from the fields
Feed buttons will now go invisible if they are not interactable
If party member kick button is pressed, a pop-up will be shown to confirm member kick action
Notifications for the Clean Energy Event upgrade interaction will no longer use the default hover popup
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