v1.34.0 - October 8th, 2020


Clean Energy Event
Several new event tasks, including a misc section for silly requirements
Shortly after completing the requirements of a task, you will be given a hover text notification of its completion
Woodcutting cap increased to 60
You can now buy multiple upgrades at a time within the Clean Energy Event
Guild well cap increased to 1200


In Monster Battle window, if Chat button is clicked when Chat pop-up is opened, the pop-up should be closed
In new chat pop-up, text can now be copied and paste into chat input field
If player is not in Monster Battle window, damage text and pet attack animation will not be called or queued, in order to improve client performance
Optimized Event Task updates
Attempted to resolve an issue with zone changing occurring when unintended
AFK window should be opened, even if window asset bundles are being downloaded in background
Performance of Guild window is improved
In Matchmaking window, clicking filter button should now filter players based on entered filter inputs
Issue where Clean Energy event was not crediting the artifact upon completion of the first playthrough
In Bingo window, registration is now checked every second, instead of every frame, in order to improve performance
Resolved a bug that was causing errors and lag upon initial login with damage being received but the battle window not being opened and ready
Additional event tier for the last Clean Energy event should be credited


Clean Energy Packs can now be claimed and purchased a second time after completing the first playthrough
Wishing well will now only reduce by 2 levels after a timeout
Wishing well will only reduce by 1 level if it is above 1000 and reaches a timeout


Corrected some uncentered  sprite sheet bounding boxes
Added new pet training tip toggle option
In Monster Battle window, if chest is spawned, chest image will now be displayed
In Monster Battle window, tips should not be shown during challenge
In Monster Battle window, rewards should now be spawned on center of screen, if Chat pop-up is opened
In Monster Battle window, Select Zone button should now be centered, if Chat pop-up is opened
In Monster Battle window, correct monster and background should be displayed, after treasure spawn is beaten
Daily Reward window should now not be displayed, when player is in challenge
Rune selection panel should now be scrolled to top, when Pet Runes window is opened
In Matchmaking window, hover pop-up will be displayed to remind player to fill both min and max level input field, if either one is missing
In Matchmaking window, the default search range will be increased according to player's total level
If Matchmaking window is opened, the player list will now be sorted by descending player level
In Matchmaking window, ability to sort player list by world, player name, level and player number is added
In Matchmaking window, Clear button is added to clear filter inputs directly
In Bingo window, if Bingo is started and player is not registered, registration panel will be closed
In Bingo window, Bingo ticket should not be decreased, if player tries to enter Bingo session while it is already started
Player can now press Escape key to close off Zone Selector and Player Inspect pop-up
Decision (Yes/No) pop-up can now be closed with Escape key
You can now see how many upgrades and at which cost it will be for the Clean Energy Event
If Pet Runes window is opened, rune inventory list should be scrolled to top
In Main Menu, player should be redirected to correct website, after Forum or Chat button is clicked

Maintenance Done

Fixed an issue with packs not counting towards tasks
Fixed issue with event tier not showing increase from the last playthrough
Fixed an issue with event task showing requirement of 10 when it only required 5 crafted runes
Patch History
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