v1.33.0 - August 10th, 2020


You can now select challenge series tier to speed up series battle progression
Added new audio track for the splash screen
Added 2 new audio tracks for Event windows
Added option to turn off damage texts when the game is not in focus
For WebGL build, player can now copy and paste text into player name input field of Guild Invite window


In Monster Battle window, new unused and invisible reward drops will now not be spawned continuously, when 'Show Currency Drop' is disabled in Settings, in order to hugely reduce memory leak
Resolved an issue of not auto reconnecting properly when your account was still active in game
When AFK mode is turned on, damage text spawning will now not be queued, so they are not spawned after player enters Monster Battle window again, in order to improve performance
If player is not in Monster Battle window, damage text spawning will now not be queued
SFX will no longer play when disabled, and Music enabled
Party members logging in after you should no longer switch the zone on you
Attempted to resolve some of the challenge offset issues


Resolved a bug pertaining to pet speed
Highest global warming base claim increased by 1 (to 36)


Corrected element layout in MonsterBattle windows upon chat popping
In Monster Battle window, if a party member casts Time Freeze, all other party members should see the Time Freeze effects too
The global warming event window will now tell you when you have reached your max claim
Added cyrillic and ascii character support for invites and guild member names
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