v1.32.0 - July 24th, 2020


New Chat Themes with real-time dynamic selection
Inferno tier cap increased to 250k (from 125k)
You can now click on names in chat to inspect players


Resolved issue with negative skill points
'EP Matters' purchases no longer reduce recoupable EP
Resolved an issue that caused top rank lockouts more often
Several top ranking lists reset to adhere to new and proper scoring mechanics
Upgrade Shards added to export
Added most of Cyrillic character set support for chat
Added extended ASCII support for chat
In Chat pop-up's Party panel, all party messages sent and received during challenge will now be removed, after the challenge is ended
Resolved a visual issue with global warming upgrade costs showing negative when over a 32bit integer
Resolved an issue with drone slot description not including proper bonus values
Ascension and Legend upgrades affecting pet damage should no longer require a relog to take effect


Managing member popup will no longer show unformatted member networth
Cleaned up Greedy Claim section in Pet Arena window
Chat windows resized. Message font no longer bolded, and name now underlined
Cleaned up bingo card lock UI and fixed power dab hover text issue
In AFK window, hint text is added
In Chat pop-up, if a chat panel is selected, the chat panel button should be highlighted
In Chat pop-up, if a new message for certain chat panel is received, the notification icon for corresponding chat panel button should always be shown
In Monster Battle window, if a monster is manually attacked for multiple times, the bar beside the sand timer should show the attack queue progress
In Chat pop-up, if a new member joins in the guild, the member's name, instead of username, should be shown

Maintenance complete - July 28th, 2020

Your DPS is lower! - Your challenge series progress has been cleared.
The challenge series progression unfortunately had to be reset, but it should only require a handful of battles to catch up with the new tier selector feature in the series challenge window.
Tier selection isn't working? You need to update your client probably. There is no version change for this update.
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