v1.31 - July 17th, 2020


Max unlockable runecrafting slots increased to 20 (from 5)


In Chat pop-up, text can now be copied and pasted into input field again,
Added integrity check on character ability points,
Promoting and demoting members should no longer cause significant desync issues in guilds,
Pet arena claims will no longer be visible if there are no rewards to claim,
Reduced frequency of ping-checks, and added timestamps to lag messages


Players who reach the last zone and are awaiting ascension will now receive 10x experience (instead of 5x),
Players under level 200 will now receive 10% more base experience


In Chat pop-up, scroll bar should be displayed when it is needed,
If a player joins or leaves guild, every guild member should be notified in Chat pop-up,
If a player just joined a guild, Message Of The Day should be displayed in Guild window,
In Monster Zone Selector pop-up, card count should always be displayed correctly for each planet,
In Game Settings window, if slider's handle is dragged to the max value, the handle should still stay in the background bar,
Ability tips will no longer show if the slot is empty,
Player can now click anywhere to dismiss notification pop-up,
In Pets Arena window, reward pop-up can now be dismissed by a mouse click,
In Guild Invite window, top HUD menu should now not be shown,
In Monster Battle window, if player is doing challenge, ascension level or inferno difficulty stat should not be shown,
In Chat pop-up's private message panel, player name input field's text size is increased for more readability
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