v1.30.0 - July 13th, 2020


In Pet Arena window, if Enter key is pressed after player wins or loses battle, the next battle will be started
New command to list all accessible server commands '/cmd commands'
4 New Top Ranks. Orb Levels, Virtue Level, Days Played and Ship Power
In Pet Arena Battle window, after the battle is ended, player can press Escape key to quit the window
6th Fishing Boat added in Fishing Shop
Party chat will now store the last 10 historical chat messages and display them upon a member logging in
Global Warming Event
New Toggle and Ratio Slider Settings for Tips (Tips Overall, Woodcutting, Mining, Fuel, ClubClaim, Mail, Expeditions)
In Card Selection window, card pack can now be changed
Increased soul orb cap to 10 for most orbs
New Orb: Artifact EXPansion
New Orb: Refragment
New Orb: Crystal Formation
New Orb: Gold Logging
Runecrafting Skill Cap Increased to 20
Runecrafting Rune Tier Cap Increased to 20
In Monster zone pop-up, total card amount for each zone is now displayed, even when player opens the pop-up in Card windows
New Ascension Upgrade: Trainee Confidence
New VIP Upgrade: Support Strength
New VIP Upgrade: Event Tiering
New Trade Trophy Upgrade: Sharpening Prowess
Mining Upgrade: Surprising Break
Mining Upgrade: Hard Swing
New Currency: Upgrade Shards
New Legend Upgrade: Artifact Study
New Legend Upgrade: Multi-Catch
Ping-Check system to enforce auto reconnect attempts when connection is lost instead of edge cases being stuck in limbo
New Trophy Passive Upgrade: Auto Damage
Ascension Auto Damage cap increased to 200 (from 100)
Ascension Fish Value cap increased to 100 (from 25)
New Trophy Passive Upgrade: Auto Damage
Ascension Auto Damage cap incrased to 100 (from 25)
Ascension Fish Quality cap incrased to 100 (from 25)
You can now reset (lock) individual orbs for 50 crystals
There are now many new ascensions added at different levels within the game
New Shop Revamp
You can now unlock artifacts not previously obtained through the Shop
New early-game interactive tutorials
You can now buy limited event points with infinity matter
You can now buy limited RECOUPABLE event points from the shop if you meet the criteria
Series cap increased to 250 (from 175)
Fishing knife can now be upgraded an additional 4 times
Pet Tier cap increased to 33 (from 32)
Reaching ascenion at level 200 should now credit all missed zones AP and Diamonds immediately
You can now purchase multiple upgrades in the Global Warming Event
Ascension Click Damage cap increased to 200 (from 100)


Cleaned up some memory issues with Pets and Toggle UI Buttons
Monster zone selector pop-up is now destroyed if it's not in use, in order to improve performance
Fixed a bug where guild investment requirement being higher than an integer was causing errors on the client
Cleaned up many unused or deprecated client console commands
Guild tab should no longer show if not in a guild
Party tab should no longer show if not in a party, and default to World Chat
Moved payment processing to Paypal's Webhook system (away from IPN) for faster, consistent transaction processing
In Monster Battle window, currency texts should now be shown correctly
Leveling orbs should now more cleanly update damage dynamically when applicable
Setting min rarity above capability will no longer desync your actual min-rarity settings
Added compression to Ship Arena and Upgrade packets to significantly reduce bandwidth during frequent transactions between the two
If player is returned to Monster Battle window, this week and next week's bonuses should not be shown at the same time
Optimizations in upgrade window interactions
Party member attack animations fixed
Removed 'Adventure' score. To be replaced in future.
Stats in the top hud in battle window will now update immediately upon monster kills instead of having a delay
Retroactive rewards on systems for missed days will no longer process on characters who cannot access such systems
Chat message consistency significantly improved
Eternal planet selection no longer shows except on the test server
In World Selection window, if Inferno input field has no text, null reference error should not be produced
Mining tiles should now appropriately start at 1000hp
Resolved an issue where diamonds expeditions were showing incorrect length
Resolved an issue that could prevent bingo ding sound from executing
Significantly improved offline gains integrity for pre-inferno characters
In Monster Battle window, ability status animation should be played right after the ability is activated
In Expedition Battle window, player can now battle with AI or other player, even with only 1 ship
Clicking on locked planets will no longer cuase your battle to refresh
In Guild window, if Message Of The Day is updated then any player makes a guild well investment, MoTD should not be reverted
Next planet tip will no longer show if unable to actually access the next planet yet
Issue with auto world progression not occurring should be resolved
Resolved AFK Window setting not working with appropriate default setting
Optimized fishing window processing to reduce lag a bit
In Expeditions Arena Battle window, battle speed will now not be reset after battle
Damage should now immediately increase upon reaching new Event Point milestones
Resolved an issue that could prevent you from reconnecting after losing internet for more than 30 seconds
Major trophy point discrepancy bug where players were able to hold on to old trophy points
Ascension points should now update after receiving offline gains experience which causes a level-up
If selecting Myself in ranking but you are unranked, the listing will show top instead of an empty list


Weekly code rewards have been reduced and capped off. Subbed players will receive double chance and double rewards, folks with higher lineage and support levels will be able to obtain higher multipliers, but overall significantly rebalanced.
Orb bonus has been rebalanced significantly for new tiers
Weekly PvP Ranking requirements made more inclusive
PCore rewards from weekly PvP ranking has been significantly increased
Planetary Core rewards from PvP skipping increased
Full orbs reset unlock now costs 500 crystals
Starting card drop chance is now 1000 (from 2500)
Base Auto and Click Upgrades removed in place of new ascension and other upgrade mechanics
Ascension point credits from ascensions significantly increased
Ascensions no longer reset your zone progress
Planets now unlock at different ascension levels
Ascension VIP upgrade now gives 5 points instead of 2 per level
Pets now gain a portion of ascension base damage increases to keep damage slightly relational between auto and pet during early levels
Max Guild Level bonuses increased to 1500 (from 1000)
Offline Gains now unlocks and processes starting at level 30 to prevent early-game pacing issues
Codes are now unlocked at level 20
Zone kill requirements for first planet increased to ensure player is closer or at level 10 by time reaching final enemy
Experience gains increased to 500% if player has completed final zone and is waiting on level-up to access the next planet
Fragments are no longer awared to players under level 2500 in pet arena or club claims
Mafia Hat Artifact bonus has been halved


Console window UI simplified
Orbs now display star formation based on tier
Orbs now display their individual tier cap
Added a 'Server Commands' button to console window to retrieve server-side commands
Chat window revamp
Card pack amount text should now be displayed correctly without text being placed in multiple lines
In Monster Battle window, player can now click on weekly bonus icon to toggle this week and next week's bonuses
In Monster Battle window, if player hovers over weekly bonus, its bonus description will be displayed
Caught fish value will now show short notation values
Header for Auto upgrade category should no longer show the word 'Idle'
Pop-ups should now be shown in front of Console window
Added confirmation on artifact reset
Fixed typo in fishing whistle description
In Mining window, mining rewards are now displayed
New ascension window revamp
In World Selection window, if player is still in Medium mode, asteroid should fully cover up the Theta planet
In Expedition PVP Leaderboard window, background should now block all buttons behind it
In Chat pop-up, Guild chat panel will be turned off, if player is not in a guild
Zone progress will no longer have a delayed update on kills
New 'Level Up' button after a level increase early game instead of forcing players into upgrade window
In Guild Buildings window, if other guild window is opened and closed, building screen position should not be reset
Support bonus section no longer shows "pack" in place of "none"
Next planet tip only shows when on the last zone of a planet
In Woodcutting Tree window, a button is added for player to move on to next tree directly, if unlock requirement are fulfilled
In Woodcutting Map window, an arrow indicator is now shown on top of latest unlocked tree
In Woodcutting Map window, NRG section is moved up so it does not block the view of first few trees
In Woodcutting window, if player is not on the last tree of 1st map, the right arrow button will not be displayed
In Wishing Well window, Gold and Diamond stats should now be displayed correctly
Event button will no longer show until level 10
Bingo will no longer show until level 40
Before level 200 the difficulty mode will show what level your next ascension is instead of easy, medium or hard
In Pet Skin window, unlock cost for pet should now be displayed
In Card Pack selection window, if player keeps clicking right arrow button of pack selection panel, Inferno pack should now be shown after Gigantic pack
In Expeditions window, all currencies should now be updated every time any currency is shown
In Monster Battle window, vertical position of left and right pet damage texts should now be the same
In Monster Battle window, pet damage texts are spaced out for more comfortable viewing
In Monster Battle window, if player has only 1 pet and the pet is trained, Train Pet activity tip should not be shown
In Mining window, if a depth is unlocked, diamond rewards should now be shown in the center of the screen
In Expedition Harvester window, the unlock cost for 4th ship is corrected
In Monster Battle window, the party damage text should not be displayed, if Party Damage is turned off in Settings
In Chat pop-up, if other party member comes online, Party Chat panel and button should not be hidden
In Cards window, Total Card Bonus should now be updated right after any card pack is opened
New pet tier skins added up to tier 40
In Expedition Harvester window, after 4th ship is purchased, the purchase promotion window should be closed automatically
In Card Packs window's purchase menu, Diamond should now be shown in correct format
In Matchmaking window, scroll bar should now be displayed when it is needed
In Matchmaking window, scroll arrow buttons should now be hidden when they are not needed
In Character Stat window's Badges section, correct description should now be shown correctly for last badge
A popup request is made when attempting to make a purchase for Web users as browsers block delayed window requests
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