v1.29.0 - May 14th, 2020


Sound FX for Monster Kill
3 Random Sound FX for Manual Attack
3 Random Sound FX for Auto Attack
Sound FX for Reward Window Popup
Sound FX for Chest Claim
Total Base Fragment trophy
Total Arena Fragment trophy
Total Battle Fragment trophy
Total Runes Crafted Trophy
High Rune Craft Trophy
Rune Skill level Trophy
Total Pet Tier trophy
Total Pet Skins trophy
Total Club Claims trophy
Total Artifact XP trophy
Total Fuel Upgrade trophy
Total Lab Levels trophy
Total Pet Trains trophy
Total Orb Levels trophy
Virtue Level trophy
Inferno Tier Max set to 125000


Null reference errors are fixed to tackle version 0 issue in Monster Battle window
Hundreds of server-side interactions will no longer continue to process after logging out, which sometimes caused desyncs
Constant update call of an effect script is removed, in order to reduce memory consumption for all involved windows
Resolved an issue preventing the AFK window from opening passively
Optimizations on performance when audio is disabled
Rendering is now processed a little less often when FPS is set higher than 30
Minimum FPS for AFK window is now 10 due to anything less causing significant issues
Rendering speed in AFK window reduced significantly, while not affecting background processing
Added much lengthier delta-timing allowances for web, since web can slow frame processing to less than 1 per second
Resolved a severe issue with folks not being able to ascend, but able to change inferno tiers, which lead to parsing issues, crashes and an assortment of other unbecoming behavior. Resolved by forcing these broken players to the inferno ascension tier.


Trophy requirements rescaled
Significantly reduced trophy upgrade costs


Click attack swing animations will now play only when the actual attack occurs, instead of on click (queued attacks)
Added scroll area for trophies section
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v1.29.0 v1.30.0
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