v0.99.90 - March 25th, 2019
Clean Energy Event

-ADD: Some orbs cap increased to 8:
 +Wood Damage
 +Stone Yield
 +Challenge Damage
 +Crit Damage
 +Fish Multi
 +Card Yield
 +Well Efficiency
 +Multi Attack
 +Card Damage
 +Pet Training
 +Mining Damage
 +Mining Crit
 Others are left at 7 in the meantime awaiting balance conerns for diminishing return balance on xp requirements, and auto/click damage balancing.
-ADD: Max Pet Tier is now 28 (from 27)
-ADD: Max Mining Depth is now 1250 (from 1100)
-ADD: Max Pet Arena is now 325 (from 300)
-FIX: Entering high fish sacrificial numbers is now (literally) over a billion times faster/more responsive. No more freezing!
-BALANCE: Clean Energy packs & rewards rebalanced significantly
-VISUAL: Fixed typos in central node error messages
Patch History
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v0.99.90 v0.99.95
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