v0.99.55 - Dec 9th, 2018
Global Event!

:: The entire playerbase deals damage every 10 minutes simultaneously
:: Collect Blue Candy to deal more damage by performing deeds, and snag some goodies to help everyone as a whole
:: Unlock the first Artifact in IOU!
:: Artifact XP is retroactive and everyone will have the same amount at the end.
:: End date is estimated between Dec 20-22nd
-ADD: Artifact System (Permanent - Earn ArtXP from Global Events)
-ADD: Mining Cap Increased to 1050 (Testing waters)
-ADD: Pet Cap increased to tier 27
-ADD: 2 New Halloween Themed Pet Skins Added
-ADD: 7 New Pet Tier Skins Added
-FIX: Potato skin unlock no longer says Rainbow Unicorn
-FIX: Weekly Card Bonus will now work correctly in the future
-FIX: Weekly P.P. Bonus should work correctly in the future
-FIX: Weekly Crystal Bonus will now work correctly
-BALANCE: 22% Gold bonus for next week replaced with double crystal bonus due to patch delays
-BALANCE: Sensors are now capped at 200
-VISUAL: Completely new mining window revamp
-VISUAL: Condensed stone and crystal numbers in Mining
Patch History
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