v0.99.40 - September 19th, 2018
Match 3 & Backend Database Improvements
[You now gain 2x XP from matches]
[You now start with 25 (from 50) energy]
[You now gain 5 (from 10) on capping a resource]
[You now regen 25 (from 50) energy per regen]
[You now get both logs & gold logs from the wood matching]

-ADD: You can now 'Claim & Repeat' on finished expeditions 
-ADD: You can now 'Fast Track & Repeat' expeditions 
-ADD: You can now unlock mining depths as soon as you have the wood to do so. It no longer requires clearing the mine. 
-ADD: You can now see next week's bonuses by mousing over current week bonuses 
-FIX: When reaching level 15 fishing gear, the screen will no longer break
-FIX: Pet skins should no longer reset on tier up when you have a custom skin selected
Patch History
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