-ADD: New Challenge Series level selector
-ADD: New Fishing Avatar: Harambe
-ADD: New Orb: Mining Critical
-ADD: New Orb: Mining Damage
-ADD: Mining tiles now have tile information
-ADD: You can now see your mining crit & damage in the mining window
-ADD: Significant new Numeric system to support accurate numbers to infinite
-ADD: Card milestone increased to 150 (from 50)
-ADD: Inferno tier cap increased to 40000
-FIX: Guild Club Tip should now bring directly to the Member's Club
-FIX: Resolved an issue with RPG event NRG resetting the timer after long offline gains
-FIX: Resolved an issue that could allow getting beyond lv 1, rarity 7 on an orb
-FIX: totalPP command fixed
-FIX: Resolved several issues with autofishing
-FIX: Resolved an issue with logs/gold logs preventing accumulative reward issues down the road
-BALANCE: Mining now has 100x scaling for balance
-VISUAL: AP added to mining window
-VISUAL: Damage & Coin text movement should be more smooth on low quality
-VISUAL: Added Sextillion into number parsing

Notes not added to the patchnotes:

-RPG Event will properly credit on difficulty completions now
-Retroactive credits will occur on log for those who received less from their difficulty packs
Patch History
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v0.99.30 v0.99.32
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