v0.99.20 - August 1st, 2018
RPG Event: New rush feature, procedural chest rewards, dodge mechanic revamp, energy (instead of potions), improved UI and more!

-ADD: New guild building: Member's Club
-ADD: Pet Tier Cap increased to 25
-ADD: Auto-fishing now remains after a relog
-ADD: New Virtue System for Orbs
-ADD: Several new investment amount options for Orbs
-ADD: If you have the wood to unlock the next depth, it should now auto-unlock depths in mining
-ADD: New Command: '/cmd totalPP'
-BALANCE: Dynamite damage upgrade now capped at 25
-BALANCE: Mining Damage now carries to consecutive tiles
-BALANCE: Pet Multi-Attack revamped for better consistency
-BALANCE: Ship-Arena Challenge will have increased difficulty for post-500
-BALANCE: Ship-Arena hard-cap has now been set to 750
-FIX: Resolved a bug for upgrades and abilities causing pet attack cooldowns to reset
-FIX: Trophy currencies now have a dynamic integrity system on login to prevent loss or over-gain on changes to existing upgrades
-FIX: Resolved a bug that could sometimes credit noAP scores for AP-based pet arena battles
-FIX: Pet skins always switching on tier-up
-FIX: Pet Arena should now allow you to reach the actual cap instead of 1 level before it
-FIX: Pet Arena opponents should no longer have the HP of the next opponents
-FIX: You can now go beyond the old card milstone limit
-FIX: Overflow issues on cards collected
-FIX: Overflow issue on pet damage
-FIX: Pet arena rewards should correctly be on every 5th again
-FIX: Pet arena should now support long integers instead of going negative/erroring out
-FIX: Resolved a bug that preventing inferno tier changes on high damage outputs
-VISUAL: Mining, damage and currency hover text has been significantly optimized. This is especially true for low-quality settings.
-VISUAL: Significantly optimized the way tips are handled to reduce client-load on the CPU
-VISUAL: Removed age-old tip regarding stone when out of a guild in the mining window

1st Post Maintenance complete

-Attempted to resolve fishing issues
-Virtue upgrades should no longer require a relog to take effect
-Added debugging for other issues

Maintenance Complete

-Resolved a bug that was preventing some people from getting into the game

This maintenance was to resolve:

-Tier 30+ Challenges inaccessible
-Diamonds can no longer be fast tracked, even if under 2 hours due to a potential exploit
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