v0.99.10 - June 4, 2018
Backend Database & Software upgraded

-ADD: New Power,Richness,Greedy Claim system for Pet Arena 
-ADD: Separate Pet Arena modes for Ability vs NoAbility 
-ADD: Pet Arena Cap increased to 150 (from 100). Will be further increased soon after review 
-ADD: New Arena (No AP) Trophy 
-ADD: New Pet Arena Food reward increments at 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, etc 
-ADD: Pet Arena 'Auto Heal' toggle mode 
-ADD: Pet Pack Revamp - Scales based on pet tiers. Limit to 1 per day 
-ADD: Retroactive Lab Resets : Up to 1 full reset 
-ADD: Closing Pet Arena will now instantly forfeit and return any invested AP
-FIX: '/cmd time' should now show appropriate eastern time
-FIX: Pet attacks no longer count towards High Auto DMG Trophy
-FIX: Resolved an issue with the guaranteed card drop system
-FIX: Corrected mispell of "whisle" in confirmations
-FIX: Corrected mispell of expedition bonus mouse-over tip
-BALANCE: 20 hours of retroactive allowance on pet training (from 10 hours)
-BALANCE: Daily resets no longer affect pet arena progress
-BALANCE: Reduced AP cost on daily pet arena rewards
-BALANCE: Pet Point rewards have been rebalanced and increased
-BALANCE: You can now heal up to 250 times instead of infinitely
-BALANCE: Legendary: Pet Dmg and Pet Arena DMG caps were incorrectly swapped. This has been resolved in this patch.
-VISUAL: 'Have' cards is now comma separated


-Resolved the text issue on pet arena heals
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