v0.99.00 - May 16, 2018
Major patch!
Next up is the Pet Arena Expansion, then Pet Rune Crafting.

-ADD: 'Guild Level Bonus' for 200+ guild level passives, which will increase the base Guild Level Bonus on all buildings
-ADD: Max Guild Level increased to 1000 (from 200)
-ADD: 5 New Pet Tiers (16-20)
-ADD: Lab Upgrades can now be downgraded once every 12 hrs
-ADD: New legendary pet damage upgrade
-ADD: New Lab Upgrade: Card Rate
-ADD: New Pet Training Orb
-ADD: You can now force start a group challenge if you are 100+ levels above the challenge creator
-ADD: You can now force start a group challenge if there are 4 or more people within the challenge queue
-ADD: Skin Unlock : Incubus : Reach level 666+ (retroactive)
-ADD: Skin Unlock : Crazy Glazy : Complete a Galactic Snackbar challenge (retroactive)
-ADD: Skin Unlock : Abyss Terror : Catch a rarity 32+ fish (non-retro)
-ADD: Skin Unlock : Octoclaws : Catch a rarity 50+ fish
-ADD: Skin Unlock : Rainbown Unicorn : Private Message 'Erebs' the message 'unicorn' when he's online
-ADD: You can now feed your pet 1000 food at a time
-FIX: Resolved some issues with offline gains
-FIX: Cleaned up an issue that would sometimes break rooms after bingo started
-FIX: Cleaned up an issue where gold was showing decimal points
-BALANCE: New expeditions now have their expedition point reward rounded up to give early bonuses towards expedition points an actual immediate hike
-BALANCE: Auto DMG Lab Upgrade increased to 2% per level (from 1%)
-BALANCE: Click DMG Lab Upgrade increased to 3% per level (from 1.5%)
-BALANCE: Ascension Pt Lab Upgrade increased to 10 per level (from 5)
-BALANCE: Pet DNA Splicing has been refunded, and revamped to now affect Pet Training 
-BALANCE: Legendary Auto DMG increased to 2% per lv (from 1%)
-BALANCE: Legendary Auto DMG cap increased to 100 (from 50)
-BALANCE: Ascension Auto DMG increased to 4% per level (from 3%)
-BALANCE: Pet damage has been completely revamped, and will now have individual damage that runs parallel to auto damage
-BALANCE: Pet Dmg Ascension Cap increased to 50 (from 5)
-BALANCE: Pet Dmg Ascension increased to 2% per level (from 1%)
-BALANCE: Pet Dmg Ascension cost tripled
-BALANCE: 10% Idle bonus now affects pet damage
-VISUAL: Added hover tip on pet arena damage to show minor breakdown of damage (May need testing/help in resolving discrepancies)
-VISUAL: First 3 pet tier skins revamped
-VISUAL: New click attack animation (Disabled on low quality)
-VISUAL: New splat animation (Disabled on low quality)

v0.99.01 - May 17, 2018
Some clean-ups from yesterday's major patch.

-FIX: Guild promotions should work again, UI issues within the lab should be rectified, skin unlocks should operate properly for incubus & Rainbow Unicorn, and Pet Arena Damage should be cleaned up.
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