v0.98.75 - April 20, 2018
A lot of other work is going into the backend services that are not included in the patch notes. I'll try to get a dev-blog going soon.

Clean Energy Event release coming early next week.

-ADD: Pet arena window has been completely revamped. Experience 5 new backgrounds, and 25 revamped enemies. This is a change in preparations for the upcoming new Pet Tiers  and Pet Arena system changes.
-ADD: Options in settings for 'Sacrificial Confirmations'
-ADD: Server-side time syncronization improvements : This should assist with bingo processing desyncs
-FIX: Resolved odd behavior when using boosts in the Pet Arena
-FIX: Resolved an issue where you couldn't invest large amounts into the well without breaking it into several smaller investments
-FIX: Resolved an issue with being unable to unlock higher forest areas if you had a massive amount of gold on hand
-FIX: After leaving then joining a guild, the new bonuses should apply without needing to relog or join a challenge
-FIX: Resolved an issue where new players were being credited a small amount of gold logs upon entry to the game
-FIX: Party-Matchmaking should be sorted & improved better. Continued attention to this will be done.
-FIX: World Select for AT-0 players (EASY MODE) should be fixed to where planets show as unlocked before they actually were
-BALANCE: Offline XP, Gold and Card gains should be significantly improved. Let us know!
-BALANCE: Carry threshold is now dynamic/further reduced if the difference in party members is beyond 500 levels. This will be further balanced over time.
-BALANCE: Trophy scores are now based on total trophy levels x 10. This should assist in improving the issues for other score systems
-VISUAL: Legendary category will no longer be visible during level-up ability upgrade pop-ups
-VISUAL: Team inspect window improved
-VISUAL: Initial tutorial character replaced with a new IOU Fox character. More tutorial improvements to come.
-VISUAL: Improved the player inspect window. (Guild inspect still in the works) 
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