v0.97.20 - Nov 21, 2017

-ADD: You can now downgrade/refund a Central Node tier with diamonds
-ADD: New MultiCatch VIP upgrade
-ADD: Fish Whistle now gives a +25% chance to multi fish catch
-FIX: Total fishing upgrade points should now track properly
-BALANCE: Gold VIP is now multiplicative instead of additive
-BALANCE: Final Blow pet upgrade is now Charged Blow, causing increased damage on every 4th attack
-BALANCE: Resolved an offline gains system issue. It will now base on 
your current zone/tier instead of what the server deems to be ideal.
-BALANCE: Level cap on VIP upgrades is now 50, from 100, however:
    :: +25 to level cap after your FIRST ascension
    :: +25 to level cap after your SECOND ascension
    :: +50 to level cap after your FINAL ascension
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