v0.97.00 - Nov 1, 2017

Halloween Event Release

-ADD: Massive Trophy Rehaul. Trophies and their corresponding upgrades have been separated into 6 different categories now.
-ADD: Card drops have been added to offline gains. This is currently an experimental feature still undergoing review.
-FIX: Small memory leak in the upgrade window resolved
-FIX: Resolved a bug where selecting incorrect names would lock you out from the name select screen
-FIX: +1 Stone Chance should now be working properly
-BALANCE: Treasures no longer have more HP than regular mobs
-BALANCE: Pet Training now has a retro-active recoup forgiveness of 12 hours
-BALANCE: Dynamite no longer wastes damage points if damaging a low HP block and will now iterate 1 damage per block at a time
-BALANCE: A base +10% fishing critical chance has been added, letting 
all players the opportunity to catch more than 1 fish at a time
-BALANCE: Ship Hull's efficiency has been doubled, from 2% to 4% per level
-BALANCE: Max INF TIER is now 10k, from 5k
-VISUAL: Game version included into bottom of battle window


-Resolved an issue with the level select remaining hidden after going into the world select menu
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