v0.96.50 - July 31, 2017
Ascension Point Resets have been drastically changed to avoid potential exploits with the new capacities of ascension upgrades. You can only reset 1 point in 1 upgrade per 12 hours; however it allows retroactive accumulation. Spend your ascension points wisely from here on out as it is no longer easy to completely reset.

-ADD: 5 New Ascension Upgrades
-FIX: Connection speeds improved
-FIX: Time should sync back to the previous setup (midnight instead of 1am)
-FIX: Resolved an issue where unranked players in PvP could not utilize the system at all
-FIX: Resolved an issue where ship wing masking were not displaying appropriate colors
-FIX: Certain Wishing Well levels desyncing costs and preventing enhancement
-BALANCE: Ascension costs/caps/per-level bonuses have been revamped
-BALANCE: Fortress bonuses have now been doubled
-BALANCE: Ascension XP/GOLD BOOST is now multiplicative
-BALANCE: Ascension Auto Damage is now multiplicative with EP Damage bonuses
-BALANCE: Mining Energy Capacity AP Cost reduced/rebalanced
-BALANCE: Mining Energy Capacity Upgrade cap increased to 200
-BALANCE: Mining Energy Upgrade now increases max by 6 per point instead of 4
-BALANCE: Wood Energy Capacity costs reduced significantly
-BALANCE: Wood Energy Capacity upgrade cap increased to 200 (from 40)


-Resolves the flashing fish upgrade icon in Ascension Upgrades
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