Event Soft Cap Removed. Later rewards more obtainable.

-ADD: Massive Guild Rehaul. Everyone will receive their total stone ever accumulated back for re-investments.
-ADD: New ranking tier for pvp: 2500-9999 [10 pcore/imatter]
-ADD: 'Enter' key can now be used as a hotkey to access the chat in nearly any stage of the game
-FIX: Issue where damage/high damage was not tracking towards trophies for new players
-FIX: Resolved a long-standing issue with the client performing reconnects (or simply disconnecting users) if the Flash Player started throttling processing, reducing the frequency of ping occurrences
-FIX: You should no longer get an empty reward box if you have no rewards to claim from the weekly pvp board
-FIX: Many backend optimizations on timers and processing to improve response times and reduce potential lag spikes
-FIX: Hitting R key while in a challenge should no longer lock you out of the game by opening the ranking window
-FIX: Overflow issue on stone above a 32-bit int
-FIX: Issue where players who had not chosen a username within 20 seconds would be reconnected
-BALANCE: Non-investable stone is no longer an aspect of the game. Since investments now travel with you, you no longer have to worry about leaving/switching guilds.

New Client Version v0.95.01

-Resolves the name issue in investments
-Allows leaders to restrict buildings

v0.95.05 - May 16, 2017

-FIX: Clicking on demote/promote/kick should no longer make the guild buttons disappear until you re-open the guild window
-FIX: Slider should now default to 0
-FIX: Slider should now work properly for ArmorGames users
-FIX: Pet training window should now display Pet Arena damage with Lab/Stable in mind
-VISUAL: Removed building level-up messages and differences for now until it can be made more clear
-VISUAL: Made the 'Input Amount' button for stone investment grotesquely more obvious that it is a button
-VISUAL: Stone input will default to empty, instead of '1000' for faster UI flow of manual investments


Quick fix for players not in a guild and trying to access the pet training window

Server Update:

-FIX: Issue preventing room synchronizing when brought to incorrect rooms
-FIX: Issue with PvP ranking up for players of lower ranks
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