v0.93.5 - Feb 9, 2017

::New Survey prepared. Releasing soon..
::Ship PvP in testing & development. Should be ready in a week..
-ADD: You can now auto fish while outside of the fishing window!
-ADD: You now have the option to 'stop' fishing for skin selection or other reasons
-FIX: Improved logging & auto reconnect stability
-FIX: Fixed match 3 I-Matter level reset bug
-VISUAL: Rehaul & Cleanup of several Expedition/Ship Arena windows
v0.93.51 Client Update to resolve fishing & the Ship Arena challenge bug bringing to the incorrect window.
ps - Hitting skip will let you sell your attempts for some free currencies. No punishments will be dished out for this bug as it's quite limited.
Survey Will likely be released this afternoon, depending on stability
Survey is up - Will run the survey for 4-7 days before taking it down
Good News For FB Users: Upon your next login to the game your authentication tokens should no longer expire after 2 hours, and should now last up to 60 days.
What this means: If you disconnected in the past, the autoreconnect would fail after 2 hours of game time without a refresh, this should no longer occur.
ArmorGames Release Promo will be up in the next few minutes
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