v0.87 - Nov 20, 2016
Temporary Double Fuel Charge Bonus
Temporary Free map resets removed

-ADD: Fuel Recharges have been added to codes
-ADD: You can now refund unused fuel from expeditions
-ADD: You can now select from a new range of currencies in expeditions, and a new range of tiers
-ADD: New Ship Part: Extractor
-ADD: New Ship Part: Drill
-ADD: New Fuel System used for expeditions, and for the new Fast Track feature
-ADD: New timer processing system in attempts to work around Flash Throttling issues
-ADD: New 'Expedition' pack available in Expeditions
-ADD: You can now get a refund on expedition points invested into ships (aka Scrapping)
-ADD: You will now auto restart fishing if you reconnect while in the fishing window
-ADD: Complete overhaul of the expedition system!
-FIX: Further server-side optimization/stability fixes
-FIX: Extremely old bug causing players to be stuck permanently in the loading screen
-FIX: You can no longer invest into SO Tower beyond level 30
-FIX: SO Codes will now use the reward window and update client-side currency properly
-FIX: Error messages should now utilize the correct sized error window to display the announcement/error
-BALANCE: Each ship is now individually upgraded
-BALANCE: Expedition Trophy Upgrade altered to reduce Fuel Recharge delay
-BALANCE: Event: Endurance now boosts defense more significantly on characters
-BALANCE: Event: Luck's effect on criticals has been tripled
-VISUAL: Fixed hover text issues on Fishing rank
-VISUAL: AT-0 through AT-2 have now been renamed to 'Easy', 'Medium' and 'Hard' to reduce confusion for newer players
-VISUAL: Name/Health Ribbon has been rehauled
-VISUAL: Cards and current difficulty now displayed in the bottom left of the bottom hud
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