v0.84 - Sept 2, 2016
Match 3 Event!

-ADD: New Challenge Queue Chat
-ADD: New Global Chat (Experimental)
-FIX: Issues causing parties and their corresponding rooms to prevent logging in
-FIX: Disconnecting after spamming pet feeds should be reduced/fixed
-FIX: Pet NO-AP recording fixed
-FIX: Offline gains should now work properly (Please report if otherwise)
-VISUAL: Full Primary HUD & BATTLE UI Rehaul
-VISUAL: Upgrade Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Diamond Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Special Pack Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Added support for 10 tips (instead of 6)
-VISUAL: All new backgrounds & Monsters for ALPHA planet
-BALANCE: Fixed the issue allowing pre level 200 players to party in high inferno tier areas
-BALANCE: Tiny pack trade costs balanced better for higher tier packs
New client v0.84b is up, cleaning up some text not being visible issues, and removal of the NEW notification for global chat
v0.84c has been released, resolving further text bugs, errors, etc. Hard refresh at your own convenience.
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