v0.83 - Aug 17, 2016

-ADD: New Lineage System! (Check Character Window)
-ADD: New Challenge: Galactic Snackbar
-ADD: New Arena Central Node System
-ADD: New Arena Valor Currency
-ADD: New option for toggling confirmation window on purchases
-ADD: Forest cap increased to 30 (from 25)
-FIX: Significantly optimized the way teams are loaded, updated, and sent
-VISUAL: Error Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Terms Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Shop Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: New Patchnotes Window
-VISUAL: Purchase Notification Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Pet Training Window
-VISUAL: Confirmation Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Code Redeem Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Woodcutting NRG Purchase screen rehaul
-VISUAL: Sell Wood Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Top Ranks Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Characters -> Stats Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Character -> Events Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Options Window Rehaul
-VISUAL: Created 3 separate error and overlay window templates depending on the amount of information being shown
-VISUAL: Added fish rarity to the Taxidermy window
-BALANCE: Pet speed should now be affected far more accurately with their attack times
-BALANCE: Fishing Upgrade Costs rehauled after the 5th upgrade
-BALANCE: Gold sacrifice costs have been reduced significantly
-BALANCE: Fish sacrifice costs have increased by 30%
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