v0.79 eta - June 23, 2016

-ADD: New massive pet upgrade map
-ADD: Back-end code support to allow rare free upgrade map resets
-ADD: 5 new pet tiers!
-ADD: 5 Pet Node Upgrade Unlock packs via diamonds
-ADD: Pet Arena will now continue beyond opponent #30
-ADD: Inferno Tier Cap increased to 2000
-ADD: New improved Pet Arena Fast-Track system
-FIX: Reduced some lag caused by the fishing screen
-FIX: Issue causing orb costs to not reset properly after a midnight rollover
-FIX: Bug where being removed from a party while in a challenge causes players to freeze after a challenge is over
-FIX: Tooltips should no longer be able to escape the screen at the bottom
-FIX: Bling Bling and Mudball bait names fixed
-FIX: Rare bug causing a room to crash or get stuck when a joining player would disconnect during mid-load sequence
-FIX: Notification for Kong users if authentication has failed, instead of simply sticking on 'Connecting'
-BALANCE: Removed inf teir pet bonus
-BALANCE: Each boat upgrade now gives a 3% quality increase. Initial purchase of boat still starts with the 10% bonus
-BALANCE: Base quality of fish has been increased by 20%
-BALANCE: Pets can now deal damage based on % auto dps
-BALANCE: Pet Arena Heals now heal for 25% instead of 50%
-BALANCE: Pet Arena Opponent HP decreased significantly
-BALANCE: Pet arena opponent damage increased
-BALANCE: Pet Damage Orb bonus rebalanced with lower rates
-BALANCE: Stable increase changed from 2% per level, to 0.4% per level
-BALANCE: Guild Pet Damage upgrade now only affects Arena damage
-BALANCE: Guild Pet Damage changed from 3% per level to 1%
-BALANCE: Pet IOU Score rebalanced with new upgrade map system
-BALANCE: Ascension pet upgrade bonus changed from 10% to 1% increase
-BALANCE: Monster HP has been scaled up for higher inferno tiers
-BALANCE: (Exploit Fix) You can no longer go to inferno tiers where your parties DPS can not logically compete at for higher gains
-BALANCE: Pet Arena temporarily capped at 60 (for post-release balance judgement)
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