v0.58 zeta - Oct 19, 2015

-ADD: Simple Profanity Filter
-ADD: Ability to reset soul orb unlocks
-ADD: Completely new chat overhaul
-ADD: Increased chat rooms from 40 to 200
-ADD: Support for in-game regional chat on Kongregate
-ADD: Chat history (up to 10 messages) on existing running rooms when you join
-FIX: Challenge team levels should now include inferno level counts (finally)
-FIX: Several new locks on actions to attempt preventing accidental double purchases (such as the pet arena)
-FIX: Incremental CPU hogdown issue from opening the chat window several times during one session
-FIX: Spelling on 'sacrifical' for the Soul Orb window
-FIX: After leaving a challenge, your abilities will now sit on a fresh cooldown to prevent exploitation
-FIX: Several challenge issues, including the lock-down challenge queues
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