September 21, 2015

v0.55 Zeta Patchnotes

Event & Bonuses taken down

-ADD: New Card Pack System!
-ADD: Improved and expanded support level system with daily, weekly and monthly claimable packs
-ADD: New back-end card drop guarantee system after long durations of no drops
-ADD: Support for a 4th ticket
-ADD: New one-time Card Pack-Pack
-FIX: Coin drops greater than 32bit ints should no longer cause strange results
-FIX: Stone desyncs should be significantly improved/reduced
-FIX: Challenge passwords can now only contain 20 characters max
-FIX: Open guild sorting will now be based on most recently active guilds first
-FIX: Chest claim issues should subside significantly for reconnects
-FIX: Pet arena midnight resets should update the pet window properly now
-FIX: Auto detection on pet attack failures
-FIX: Several challenge queue room errors
-FIX: Leaving a guild should convert most investable stone into upgrade-only correctly now
-BALANCE: Inferno Levels now increase pet damage by 5% per level
-BALANCE: Pet damage is now increased far more exponentially per tier
-BALANCE: Pet damage increased to 5% per inferno level, from 3%
-BALANCE: Codes should give significantly more gold to higher level players now
-BALANCE: Pet arena monsters have higher Max HP (but will still be easier to defeat with the new pet damage bonuses)
-VISUAL: Added small tip when leaving a guild that you will lose investable stone
-VISUAL: Total overall cards collected added to cards window
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