v0.38 delta - May 1, 2015

- ADD: New Inferno Levels (No MAX!)
- ADD: Inferno Base Dmg Bonuses (Stats Screen)
- ADD: Inferno Difficulties 11-100 unlocked
- ADD: Woodcutting forests 19 & 20 now obtainable
- ADD: Double Pet Train now increases feeding value by 2 instead of 1
- ADD: Base Damage Cap increases by 10 per Inferno Level achieved
- ADD: AP Cost Cap on Base damage upgrades set to 200
- ADD: Inferno Levels now credit +1 Ascension Points per level
- FIX: Leveling Chest Reduction should now show the reduced countdown client-side
- FIX: Attempted some changes to resolve the daily reward bonus issues
- FIX: When reaching a new card milestone, you should no longer need to relog to get the bonus
- FIX: Issue with MineNRG+ not updating on the client properly when upgraded
- VISUAL: Redesigned Character window
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v0.38d v0.39d
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