v0.34 delta - Mar 27, 2015

Early Easter Event & Delta Stage

+20% XP/GP Easter Event Bonus
-ADD: Increased FPS to 30 for slightly cleaner feel
-ADD: New Password & Min Level settings for challenges!
-ADD: New Event Point Milestone System!
-ADD: New 'Reset' Button for Mining
-ADD: +50 base damage when you reach level 100!
-ADD: New level 100+,125+,150+ base damage bonuses!
-ADD: New Event Packs!
-ADD: New Easter Event Challenge
-ADD: New Easter Event Hidden Eggs
-ADD: New Easter Event Secret Mob Rewards
-ADD: New Character Panel: Events
-ADD: New Currency: Event Points
-ADD: New Random Bonus code system
-FIX: Bug with selling crystals, giving more than they should
-FIX: Setting up challenge queues should no longer cause instance malfunctions
-BALANCE: Challenge Milestone now gives static base damage boosts instead of % base damage
-VISUAL: Challenge mode Group text now correctly says '6 Players'
Patch History
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v0.34d v0.35d
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