v0.23g - Feb 3, 2015

Out of Beta, Into Gamma stage!

-ADD: Added password option for open party joins
-ADD: Guild Invites!
-ADD: New woodcutting upgrade: Critical Axe
-FIX: Bug giving rare 2x exp when using splat after creatures health reaches below zero
-FIX: Issue with pet score not increasing properly
-BALANCE: Players who are sitting at the level cap will now recieve a +25% gold bonus
-BALANCE: +60% to Gold Expeditions yields
-BALANCE: Reduced cost on Gold Logs upgrade
-BALANCE: Increased cost on Energy Capacity upgrade

-ADD: New base damage bonuses based on level
-FIX: Fixed an issue with codes. Expect more soon!
-FIX: Guild motd's can now use commas without issue.
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