v0.22b - Jan 31, 2015

-ADD: 18 New Ascension Upgrades! Spend wisely.
-ADD: New Ascension Point Currency
-ADD: Purchase dialog popup blocker warning
-ADD: Max Trophy Level increased to 30
-FIX: Treasure Spawns should work properly based on options. Woops!
-FIX: Critical Enhancer text & Icon mixup
-FIX: Ability reset bug for older accounts
-FIX: Disabling/enabling sound/music from splash should now work correctly.
-FIX: Ability Trophy cooldown upgrades should work properly now
-FIX: Skill unlock requirement text on abilities
-BALANCE: Party base gains modifier increased slightly
-BALANCE: Gold rewards from claims based on character level now
-BALANCE: Adventure Score calculation cleanup/increases
-BALANCE: Adding NRG with diamonds now gives 20 instead of 5 NRG
-VISUAL: Cleanup on 7th pet and Drakusir zone monster art
-VISUAL: Fixed guild member panel scroll bar falloff
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