v0.09a - Dec 20, 2014

-ADD: New message notification for chat when chat is hidden
-ADD: New side-tip system for guiding players progress
-ADD: Serverside logging of Expedition stats for future use
-ADD: Beta window info
-ADD: + button for purchasing AP (brings to shop)
-FIX: XP bar should no longer stretch after reaching level cap
-FIX: Bug preventing claims when more than 1 expedition active
-FIX: 6th day claim bugging the client out
-FIX: Icons for VIP upgrades no longer show a sword
-FIX: Zones should display properly now if they haven't been reached yet
-BALANCE: Swapped planets 4 and 5
-VISUAL: Can now view up to 6 upgrades/abilities instead of 3 in the upgrade window
-VISUAL: Updated several ability/upgrade icons
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