aka Remco

  • I live in Amsterdam
  • My occupation is IOU
Zed Guard
Guild The Collective
Level 7371
IOU Score 1,744,572
Base Damage 262,706,484
Net Worth 5,534,946,344,312 Stone
Royal Guardian
Level 10
Royal Guardian
Level 4
Playing Since march 12, 2017
(1,123 days)
Challenge Points 47,485 Challenges
Cards Earned 62,096,659,208 Card Collection
Forest Reached 43 Wood
Mining Depth 1,086 Stone
Event Points 1,055 EP
Support Level 12 Diamond
Lineage Level 13
Expeditions PVP990
IOU Score883
Adventure Score864
Level Score903
Upgrade Score879
Trophy Score1037
Woodcutting Level893
Mining Depth930
Guild Score25
Growth Score1221
Arena No-AP Record1023
Arena Record940
Pet Map Score994
Rarity Record1223
Quality Record1858
Value Record1224
Statistics as of January 4, 2020

My mottoEdit

"You need to have fun in a game and socializing is a big part in that", remi11(march 29th 2018)

Working onEdit

Trophy Upgrades

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