Treasure Hunter

Treasures are special mobs that may spawn at any Zone when Hunting. Treasures are always labeled as a Boss, having 4 times the HP expected for the level.

When defeated, the Treasures leave a high amount of Gold as a reward. Each gold coin has a significantly higher value; the number of coins dropped is also higher. Expected amount of gold dropped is equivalent to 66.64 regular coins, which is 19.04 times the base expected gold drop with max coin count (3.5 coins).

The spawn rate, gold rate and HP reduction of Treasures may be upgraded with Hunting Upgrades. The upgrade HP Reduction does not affect Treasures, as it's being replaced by Easy Loots. The Triple Size upgrade gives a chance for 3 times the gold to drop from Treasures (note that as of v0.76 eta, contrary to its description, Triple Size only affects Treasures). The base spawn rate for treasures is 1%, being affected by the upgrade Treasure Hunter.

There are 4 types of Treasures, with increasingly higher gold rate reward but with the same HP traits:

Image Name Coin Value (multiplied) Coins Dropped Chance of Appearing (%)
Bag of Treasures Bag of Treasures 3 6 60
Chest of Treasures Chest of Treasures 5 16 29.8
Bowl of Treasures Bowl of Treasures 10 30 10
Epic Treasure Chest Epic Treasure Chest 20 50 0.2
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