Top Ranks ranks players in several aspects of the game, listing their rank, name, and score. The rankings can be viewed in Top Players mode, which starts at rank 1 and continues onward, or Myself mode, which displays the player's current ranking and those around them. Each page lists eight players and pages can be progressed through in sequence. For the Guild ranking, guild names are displayed instead of player names. Top Ranks may be accessed by clicking 'Social' then 'Top Ranks' or using the key 'R'. Kongregate has a separate page for Top Ranks, but Kongregate players will still be listed in both Global and Kongregate Top Ranks.

Only Kongregate players are able to switch between Kongregate's Top Ranks and Global Scores. Players on other platforms are only able to see Global Scores and will not be listed in Kongregate's Top Rank list.

Top Ranks is arranged from highest to lowest in all of the below, highest being #1.

There are ten ranks: