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This template is for use on user pages to display a player's statistics. All parameters are optional. You can find your start date using the Days Played trophy value and this calculator. "Name" defaults to your username. "Date" defaults to the last time your user page was edited. Ranks are displayed in a collapsible table inside the infobox. This template adds pages to Category:Players.

Note for Kongregate players: when checking your ranks, make sure you note the rank from the Global Scores tab, not the Kongregate tab.

In order to work properly, platform must match one of the following (first letter can be lowercase): IOU, Facebook, Kongregate, Armor Games.


{{Infobox player
|name           = player name
|platform       = the platform you play on
|guild          = guild name
|guildrank      = your rank in the guild (default: Member)
|level          = player level
|iou            = IOU score
|damage         = base damage
|networth       = your net worth (total guild contribution, found in the members list)
|pet1           = type of first pet
|pet1lvl        = level of first pet
|pet2           = type of second pet
|pet2lvl        = level of second pet
|startdate      = date you started playing
|challenge      = challenge points
|cards          = number of cards
|woodcutting    = woodcutting forest number
|mining         = mining depth
|event          = event points
|support        = support level
|lineage        = lineage level
|exppvprank     = your rank in Expeditions Arena PVP
|iourank        = your rank by IOU score ("Overall" page)
|adventurerank  = your rank by adventure score
|levelrank      = your rank by level score
|upgraderank    = your rank by upgrade score
|trophyrank     = your rank by trophy score
|woodrank       = your rank by woodcutting level reached
|miningrank     = your rank by mining depth reached
|guildscorerank = your guild's rank by total score
|growthrank     = your rank by pet growth score
|noaprank       = your rank by arena no-ap record
|arenarank      = your rank by arena record
|maprank        = your rank by pet map score
|rarityrank     = your rank by best fish rarity
|qualityrank    = your rank by best fish quality
|valuerank      = your rank by best fish value
|date           = date you last updated the values in this template

Blank Copy

{{Infobox player
|name           = 
|platform       = 
|guild          = 
|guildrank      = 
|level          = 
|iou            = 
|iourank        = 
|damage         = 
|networth       = 
|pet1           = 
|pet1lvl        = 
|pet2           = 
|pet2lvl        = 
|startdate      = 
|challenge      = 
|cards          = 
|woodcutting    = 
|mining         = 
|event          = 
|support        = 
|lineage        = 
|exppvprank     = 
|iourank        = 
|adventurerank  = 
|levelrank      = 
|upgraderank    = 
|trophyrank     = 
|woodrank       = 
|miningrank     = 
|guildscorerank = 
|growthrank     = 
|noaprank       = 
|arenarank      = 
|maprank        = 
|rarityrank     = 
|qualityrank    = 
|valuerank      = 
|date           = 
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