Taking Down Santa Event Map

Taking Down Santa Event is the first event to have automatic expeditions.


First run:

  • Around Christmas as a follow-up to Global Warming, ended January 19, 2016
  • "7 Days of Holidaymas" allows opening one gift per day from December 22 – 28
  • +25% XP, Gold, Wood, Stone beginning Christmas Eve
  • Similar to Halloween Event
Events Code: 2837B5AAE4A79E78AAEDA80516AE2AC
Bonus event Code: 287FF0438617C055EB55F0BA5D226FA

Players were given extra snowballs to make up for a server related issue during the event.

Second run:

  • December 4, 2016 – ?
  • +25% Fish Value and Gold


Players must wait until their Expedition Timer reaches 0 in order to obtain Snowballs. Snowballs are used to fight creatures, at a cost of one per throw. Each throw damages the creatures, dealing a random integer from 10–99. Once the player has defeated Santa the game will reset at a harder difficulty.

Taking Down Santa Event Fight

7 Days of HolidaymasEdit

Players may open a gift once a day for one week (December 22-28). Each gift contains multiple currencies.


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Expedition timers run automatically, messaging the player when the expedition is completed and the snowballs are awarded.

First Run
Timer (hours) Snowballs Given
6 ?
? ?
20 ?
Second Run
Timer (hours) Snowballs Given
1 1
4 3
10 10
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