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Picture showing the exchange from Activity Points to Pet Food

The shop is used as a market, where you can exchange your resources: Activity Points AP and Diamonds Diamond.

Activity Points to Pet Food

  • 5 AP to 1 Pet Food
  • 50 AP to 10 Pet Food
  • 500AP to 100 Pet Food

    Picture showing the exchange from Diamonds to Activity Points

Diamonds to Activity Points

  • 5 Diamonds to 1 AP
  • 50 Diamonds to 10 AP
  • 500 Diamonds to 100 AP
  • 5000 Diamonds to 1000 AP

At the moment, Gold cannot be used in the shop.

After buying a resource, a confirmation window pops up and disappears quickly.

As of upate 1.30.0, the shop recieved a major extension. It is now possible to buy upgrades to artifact tiers both with Diamonds and with Infinity Matter. You can buy these upgrades 4 times in total for an additive 0.4 boost to artifact tiers. For example, if you have only just unlocked an artifact, you can use these upgrades to boost it from 1 to 1.4, equating to a 40% boost.

Prices for 0.1 tiers of Artifacts 

  • 2000 Diamonds (Can be bought twice)
  • 50000 Infinity Matter (Can be bought twice)

Every upgrade will also award extra Artifact xp

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