Idle Online Universe Wiki

As you progress in the game, you can earn Experience points from defeating Creatures. All players begin at level 1 and, through the acquisition of experience points, can gradually gain level ups. At different stages the formula for leveling up will change. There are also Ascensions which require increasingly higher levels.

Players under level 200 will receive 10% increased base experience.


(Note after level 200 your XP per kill will decrease, but so will the XP needed to level since you enter Inferno Mode.)







For levels beyond this continue the pattern.

This will increase the XP required to level up drastically.

Every level obtained will award players with 1 Ability Point up to level 200. Upon reaching levels 2, 3, 10, 25, 50 and 100, players will be able to unlock an additional Ability, which will use up an Ability unlock point.

Each player level increases your Base Damage until you unlock Inferno Levels at level 200. This increase is called Level Bonus, located in the character screen. It starts with a +5 bonus at level 1 and ends with a +2652 bonus damage at Inferno. Every level up the bonus increases by 3 and another 2 for each 25 levels[1]. Unlocking Inferno Levels will boost your level bonus by 650. Afterwards the Level Bonus will be fixed at +2652, but you will get many more bonuses on your base damage with Inferno Levels.

At level 1000, the Legendary system is unlocked and you begin earning Legendary Points, which you can spend on Legendary Upgrades.

  1. Formula for level Bonus is