The Pet Upgrade Map is used to upgrade Pets. It consists of a web of nodes that can be unlocked in order to progress to adjacent nodes and to buy upgrades in the unlocked node. Nodes are unlocked using Pet Points earned in the Pet Arena and provide bonuses to Pets. The Pet Upgrade Map is unlocked along with the Pet Arena at level 50. It replaced the Pet Shop in v0.83.

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There are 164 nodes, of which 6 are for Pet Arena only. Three node unlocks are given per tier of each of the player's pets. You also have the option to buy up to five bonus node unlocks with diamonds. Nodes can be unlocked starting from the four nodes at the center of the map, which are not connected to a Central Node. Any node adjacent to an unlocked node can be unlocked, and nodes adjacent to a Central Node all become available after unlocking one of them.

Any PP earned is added fully to both the Arena PP and Hunting PP. Arena PP is only used for upgrading the six Arena Nodes, and Hunting PP is used for the rest of the nodes.

Node unlocks and PP spent can be reset for 400 Diamonds (free as of patch v0.92) or using a code given out by game staff. Unlocking a node does not provide any benefit in itself; the node must be upgraded to do so, which can be accessed by clicking on the node.

Bonus Node Unlocks
Level Diamond Cost Bonus Node Unlocks
1 500 +1
2 1000 +2
3 2500 +3
4 4000 +4
5 6000 +5

Non-Arena Nodes

There are eight types of non-arena nodes (total 158), and they occur from 17-21 times each. They are upgraded using Hunting PP.

Arena Nodes

There is only one of each of these 6 nodes, located at the extremes of the map: northwest, north, northeast, southeast, south, and southwest. These nodes are unlocked by default, and they are upgraded using Arena PP.

Damage Reflection caps at 50% of each pet's damage.

Central Nodes

There are also eight central nodes. Unlocking a central node costs Valor and grants a percentage bonus to all nodes to which it is connected (via green lines). If the player doesn't have enough Valor, an alternative cost can be paid that charges an additional 50 Diamonds per missing Valor. All central nodes start at level 0, with no bonus. Central Nodes can be downgraded by 1 level for 25 Diamonds each.

Central Nodes
Level Bonus Valor Cost Diamond Cost
1 5% 22 1,100
2 10% 38 1,900
3 15% 58 2,900
4 20% 82 4,100
5 25% 160 8,000
6 30% 214 10,700
7 35% 276 13,800
8 40% 346 17,300
9 45% 424 21,200
10 50% 710 35,500

Central Nodes
Level Bonus Valor Cost Diamond Cost
11 55% 846 42,300
12 60% 994 49,700
13 65% 1154 57,700
14 70% 1326 66,250
15 75% 1960 98,000
16 80% 2218 110,900
17 85% 2492 124,600
18 90% 2782 139,100
19 95% 3088 154,400
20 100% 4210 210,500

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