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The Pet Arena is a place to have your Pets fight Monsters to gain Pet PointsPet Points, Pet FoodPet Food, and Valor Valor to be spent on upgrades for your Pets. Pet Points are used in the Pet Upgrade Map. The Pet Arena is unlocked at level 50 and can be opened by clicking the 'Pets' drop down menu, or by pressing the 'P' key, then clicking Pet Arena.

Beating a monster for the first time will grant 10 times the PP and Monster level x 10 food. There are also three bonuses that can be claimed daily from the Pet Arena based on your highest opponent reached, which provide various currencies including Rune Fragments.

If both the player's pets run out of health, and the player doesn't continue to a further stage, all AP spent on that stage will be given back to the player.

There are two Pet Trophies based on your progress in the Pet Arena.

You can press Enter after a battle (win or lose) to start the next one, or Escape to close the window.

Challenge Skills[]

All skills that can be used during a battle cost 10 Activity Points per use. The healing skill is the only one that can be used multiple times, each costing 10 Activity Points, and it can surpass your pets' max health. It can also be set to use automatically, which will save your pets whenever they would go below 1 health.

  • PetArenaDamagePlus.png This skill raises your pets' damage by 50% for 10 Activity Points.
  • PetArenaShieldPlus.png This skill reduces all damage done by the opponent by 50% for 10 Activity Points.
  • PetArenaHealPlus.png This skill heals your pets for 20% of their max health and costs 10 Activity Points per use. It can be used up to 250 times per opponent.
    • If a pet is at max health, it will keep adding health beyond max.
    • If a pet is dead, it will still be healed, allowing the pet to attack again.

Daily Claims[]

As of v0.99.10, Pet Arena progress is not reset daily; instead, there are three daily reward packs which you can claim in the Arena based on your progress. The first two are free and the third costs AP.

  • Power - based on the highest opponent you have reached in No Abilities mode.
  • Richness - based on the highest opponent you have reached in Abilities mode.
  • Greedy - costs AP to purchase and is based on the highest opponent you have reached.

Arena Monsters[]

The Arena currently caps at opponent number 625.

Below is a calculator for raw opponent stats at any level.

 Enemy Health: 
  Enemy Average Damage: 
  PP Award:
  Cumulative PP At Enemy:
  Pet Food Reward:
  Cumulative Pet Food Reward:


  • Enemy Health is equal to


  1. level = Arena Level
  2. difficultyMod = 5+level*5+bonusDifficulty+level^2/5
  3. bonusDifficulty = max(0,(level-5)*5)+max(0,(level-10)*2)+max(0,(level-20)*10)
  4. partialLevelMod = floor(min(level,30)/5)
  5. partialModFive = max(0,floor((level-35)/5))
  6. levelMod = (1+(max(0,level-100))^1.5/100)*(1.1^floor(level/100) if level>100, else 1) 
  • Enemy Average damage is equal to


Note: Armor% is capped at 70%
  1. armorReduction = (1-(armor%*(1+armorCore%)) if no AP Arena
  2. armorReduction = (1-(armor%*(1+armorCore%))*(.5-ShieldTrophy%) if AP Arena
  • PP Award per enemy is given by (1+floor(level/25))*250
  • Pet Food Award per enemy is given by min(3,1+floor(level/10))+floor(level/50)