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The group matchmaking screen

Party, Group, and Team all refer to players banding together to defeat Creatures. This can be done in Hunting and Challenges.

Hunting Parties[]

Find Party.png

Parties are formed when the Find Party interface is used while Hunting.

  • In Ascension 0, 1, and 2, parties have a maximum of 3 players.
  • In Ascension 3 (Inferno Mode), parties have a maximum of 4 players.
  • You may join a Hunting party with players between -40 and +15 of your own level. Parties outside of this level range will not be displayed. However, if you search their username in the "Character Name" box and their party is open, you can join them.

The EXP rate is 0.6 for parties with 2 players, 0.5 for 3 players and 0.4 for 4 players.

Party members who are not online will be "ghosted" and still do damage until they are offline for 24+ hours. Then, their icon will be replaced with a sleeping character.

Challenge Parties[]

There are two types of parties available in Challenges: duos, which consist of 2 players, and groups, which consist of 6. A challenge will not begin unless the number of players reaches the requirement for a duo or group, or the Start Now button is clicked by the owner of the Challenge. Group Challenges can also be started if there are 4+ players in the group or by anyone who is 100+ levels above the creator. There are no level restrictions to join a challenge party; the only requirement is having unlocked the particular challenge for which the party was made.