The New Year Event was first run for the 2017 New Year. It is a Community Event: all players work together to gain bonuses, which in turn are applied to everyone.


Players earn 1 Stone Invest Point for each Stone gathered, and 1 Wood Invest Point for each Wood gathered. These points can then be spent in the event to level up the bonus balls. They do not affect your wood or stone in-game. At midnight, the amount invested into each ball is reduced by an increasing amount. This can reduce a ball to negative progress.


There are four bonus balls: XP (2.5% per level), Gold (4% per level), Auto Damage (2% per level), and Fish Value (5% per level). Balls cap at level 24.

The XP and Gold balls are upgraded with Stone Points, with milestones at $ 5 M \cdot level ^ 3 $

The Auto Damage and Fish Value balls are upgraded with Wood Points, with milestones at $ 0.2 M \cdot level ^ 2 $

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