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The Travel screen as of v0.93, with Gamma selected


An unreleased planet, resembling Earth

An unreleased planet that is the Expeditions icon, resembling the Moon

An unreleased planet shown in the menu

Hunting is the main activity of Idle Online Universe, and the main source of Gold. Hunting always happens in one of 10 Worlds, that may be chosen by clicking the Activities tab and the Travel icon.

Every World is composed of 10 or more Zones, and each zone houses a different type of Creature. These Creatures must be defeated a certain number of times to open access to the next zone, unless the player has reached inferno mode. Defeating the required number of Creatures in a zone will also reward the player with some AP and Diamonds.

At every 5 zones the Creature will be labeled as a Boss, having 4 times more HP than the common, and an extended kill timer. You can also encounter Treasures, a type of Boss, in any Zone.

To access a World, it is required to defeat all the creatures of the previous world; some Worlds are only accessible at certain Ascension Tiers. After completion of the worlds that are available, the player will be rewarded with a 50% exp boost along the ascension tier.

There is a bonus in exp gained from the creatures every 25 creature levels (usually equating to every 25 zones). The bonus increases for each progressive set of 25 levels. After the bonus is applied, exp falls off at a steady rate every additional level until the next set begins. Due to this it is recommended to farm at the zone where the enemy level is at the highest possible value of in order to avoid the boss for faster card farming. Ascension 0 seems to be an exception to the rule, because even though there is an exp boost at zone 3-5 (Level 25) and 4-10 (Level 50), exp falls more between 3-5 and 4-10 than the boost at 4-10 can compensate. Therefore, it is recommended to farm at 3-6 as opposed to 4-11 for Ascension 0 only, unless the exp rate indicates otherwise. For Ascensions 1 and 2, the recommended zones are 7-6 (Level 151) and 10-26 (Level 301) respectively.

In Inferno Mode, the exp boost stops at level 300 (Inferno 1 Epsilon). Your best tier is then dependent on your party's overall DPS, Auto Upgrades and XP boosts. Every tier will give a significant exp bonus if your DPS is past a certain threshold. Otherwise, an exp penalty will be applied instead. This effect is magnified at every 10th and every 25th tier, which is most likely due to the enemies' additional HP on those tiers.

World Name Number of Zones Ascension Tier Required
Alpha 10 0
Beta 10 0
Gamma 20 0
Delta 15 0
Epsilon 15 0
Zeta 10 1
Eta 10 1
Theta 10 2
Iota 25 2
Kappa 45 2