Halloween Event

About: Edit

  • In October
  • 30 Potential event points
  • 10% Gold/XP/Wood/Stone and double cards for the duration

Candy Code(s):


How to Play Edit

Players must redeem expeditions in order to get candy. With candy players can click on the creatures to do damage, at the cost of 1 candy per-click. Once a creature is defeated the player earns rewards, moving to a more difficult stage. If all 15 stages are completely the player moves up in difficulty.


Expeditions can be redeemed as soon as it's collected, however players must wait until the timer reaches 0 before being able to collect the candy.

Timer (hours) Candy Given
6 10
14 25
20 50

Scare Points MilestoneEdit

Halloween Event Milestones

As you defeat enemies you get scare points to unlock further milestones, giving increasing rewards. To get to the last scare milestone you need to conquer every difficulty all the way up to hard there are 4 difficulties all together.

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