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Detailed gold pieces

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Gold is the main currency of Idle Online Universe. It is used to buy Hunting Upgrades, Idle Upgrades, and Click Upgrades. Gold is represented by yellow coins.

The main source of Gold is Hunting Creatures. Each creature drops a number of Gold Coins when defeated, and the amount of Gold in each coin is dependent on the monster level and on several upgrades and bonuses, while the number of coins is random and limited by the Coin Count Hunting Upgrades.

Another source of Gold are the Treasures that may be found randomly when Hunting.

Other sources of Gold are:

There is one Trophy for collecting Gold.

There are several ways to boost your rate of Gold collection. Gold Rate, Support bonus, Account upgrade, Altar bonus, Guild upgrade, Ascension Gold Boost upgrade, Expeditions Lab Reverse Polarity upgrade, Event point bonus, and Inferno Level bonus, which all stack additively, and the Party Boost ascension upgrade, which stacks multiplicatively.