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The Global Warming Event is an idle/upgrade-based Event, similar to the Clean Energy Event. The player can buy/level up one of four upgrades: Pyrotechniques, Tire Prefire, Toxicology, and Potent Fuels. Each of the upgrades generates Pollution Points (PP). Pollution Points are used for buying/leveling up upgrades. For generating enough PP, players can claim rewards.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Pyrotechniques increases Polar Melting, which causes 100 pollution per minute each
  • Tire Prefire increases Tire Fire, which causes 500 pollution per minute each
  • Toxicology increases Dumping, which causes 1000 pollution per minute each (starting at 2500)
  • Potent Fuels increases Brownhouse Gases, which causes 2000 pollution per minute each (starting at 10,000)

Therefore, one suggested upgrade order is the following:

  1. If Toxicology costs less than half as much as Potent Fuels, upgrade Toxicology.
  2. If Tire Prefire costs less than half as much as Toxicology, upgrade Tire Prefire.
  3. If Pyrotechniques costs less than one-fifth as much as Tire Prefire, upgrade Pyrotechniques.
  4. Otherwise, upgrade Potent Fuels.

Release[edit | edit source]

Black Friday Event, running with Global Warming Event

Global Warming Event was a Double Event, running at the same time as the Black Friday Event.

  • Running from November 26 – December 22, 2015 (Taking Down Santa Event)
  • 10% Gold/XP/Wood/Stone and double cards for the duration
  • Together with Black Hole Friday Event

Second Run[edit | edit source]

Global Warming Event next ran from March 31, 2017 - May 26, 2017. Bonuses of +15% XP and +25% Gold continued from the previous event.

In this run, Global Warming Index rewards include Diamonds, Pet Food, Sacrificial Offerings, Valor, and Event Points. Event Point Recoup is also available for the second time.

A free Pack can be claimed at 1 Billion accumulated pollution.

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